getting fingerprinted

The first adoption it didn't occur to me take a picture, to journal these major milestones in adoption. The 2nd time I got busted, didn't realize they didn't allow cameras, much less a photo! So not too long ago I saw where someone took a picture of the building where you get the fingerprints. Duh! Why didn't I think of that!
This is the building that the Brute worked in when we did Jani's adoption. He held us up for over 4 months, asking more info on different things 3 different times. I'm not sure if he still works here or not, but he isn't over the adoptions anymore.
This is the actual building where we've had our prints taken. It's just around the corner from the CIS office. For the first time, we had friendly people take our prints. The first 2 times were older people and they were all about not talking to them, no idle chit chat, nothing. Today's guy asked me where were the cookies I baked. =)

My parents spent the night so that John and I could leave at 6am to get to the office on time. We didn't leave until 6:45, then we missed the exit (ok, I was asleep and John asked me if 'this' was the exit and I said no), but only by 15 miles. We stopped at a McDonalds to get some food and ask where the street was. Clerk 1 and Clerk 2 didn't know so they asked the manager. She replied that she wasn't Mapquest but if we wanted some food she could help. My jaw dropped and outloud I said 'how rude'....more than once. =)

Back to CIS, we completed our forms, got our #, and had barely sat down when they called our #. I think we got there about 9:45 (so much for getting there when they opened at 8am!) and we were back in the truck about 10:10. So much easier to do with no kids!

When we got back home at noon, my mom had made a new dish for us to try Escabache Shrimp I think it was called. Basically boiled shrimp in hot salsa and peppers over rice....mmmmm

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