sending our 1st care package

We finally got our stuff together to send to the boys. We don't have any more current measures on them, but the baby sure does look like a chunk! We're also sending over the 'who loves baby' soft photo albums (at age 3 Jani still loves looking at hers) and also a scrapbook type album that the foster parents read to them. Although I'm not sure how much the baby will get out of it. We also finally picked out some bedding, washed it and put it on the toddler bed to take pictures for their albums. We can't find the screws to the baby bed so we couldn't really take pictures of the baby's bed. (And yes, this was all set up in Jani's pink room for pictures.)
John chose Cars for the older one. I chose this cute puppy bedding since the baby was born in the year of the dog. The older one is the year of the rooster....it's really hard to find rooster stuff!

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