we were awarded a grant!

Today we received an email from Grant Me A Chance that they have awarded us a $1500 grant. I was so excited to receive that email!!! And on the day that officially kicks off National Adoption Month! Here's part of an email that I sent out:

I wanted to share this newsletter with everyone. This foundation gave us a grant on Tuesday 10/30 for the adoption of Jace and Jovi. November is Adoption Awareness month and boy does our family know about that! In this newsletter you can see our boys. If you use this link you can see them quickly. http://www.grantmeachance.com/home_for_the_holidays.htm They are about 1/2 way down. If adoption is on your heart here is an opportunity to help many families. Donations to Grant Me a Chance are tax deductible. Just click on the chipin button by any of the children. Or you can even make a donation to GMAC where they will determine the beneficiary.
If you live in the Austin area, on Tuesday Nov 13, you can eat at Fuddruckers and 10%-20% of your order will go to Grant Me a Chance. Print out the page that talks about it and take it with you so they know to donate your order. http://www.grantmeachance.com/

Thank you so much GMAC! Your gift is so special to our family.

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