sort of an update

I finally talked to our waiting child coordinator. Why I didn't contact her sooner I have no idea. =) She was so great to talk to. I learned that we are the first family in our agency to go thru the court system in the city our boys live in. Pioneers yet again. It's been a little frustrating the last week or 2, but then it's always hard, this waiting part of adopting. I have a lot to be thankful for, at least we're able to look at the faces of our sweet oh so cute boys. I'm only waiting to travel to them, I know who they are, but sometimes....

We've not had any of our questions ever returned with answers (that I can remember, but hey, that can be a little faulty these days) so we're compiling a new list of questions to ask. It seems like we need to get started on that asap, tho we've been rolling the things thru our mind all of this time.

And it seems there might be pictures of our boys taken together, so we're hoping we get to see those soon. So hopefully soon, really soon, they'll be able to be together forever. At least it sounds like they might know who each other are though.

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