no news

Our agency was hoping to get updates this week, but now it's Saturday and we have nothing. So I guess that means we're still in court sitting on someone's desk. [insert big sigh here] Nothing of news to report from here either. We found a 1 story house plan this week that made us laugh and then made us think. It had 15 bedrooms, almost each one had it's own sink and toilet. But where did everyone take a bath? http://www.houseplans.com/plan_details.asp?id=14935 The only shower/tub is in the handicap restroom. How odd is that? But it's fun looking around, thinking what kind of house we're going to need with these children that we believe God is going to give us. What a hoot! We could have one really busy house!


McNuggets said...

J, that's not a house, that's a compound! One in which the residents don't bathe much. I guess you're brainstorming again! :-)

jkfreitas said...

That is funny! Is that like a bigger version of the Brady Bunch house with only one bathroom? ;-) Maybe Mike Brady designed it, LOL!