just a quick note

John is out with Jace now taking some pictures. And I'm supposed to be packing. =) Nothing like procrastination right? I can't believe that it's time for us to leave Taiwan. As much as I want to come home, I want to stay also.

I wanted to say thank you to all of you that left us messages. We have our blog set up to send us an email when someone leaves us a comment and Blogger isn't set up to allow you to comment back. Though I just realized I could comment to your comments. =) Please know that I've loved your comments. It's been so good to read that people are praying for us. Great to talk to on Skype. Ah, the invention of Skype. It helps this mommy's heart.

Gotta run, John's back, now it's going to really get busy in here. =)

ps: y'all be sure to go back and read the Ladies and Gentlemen post, I'm trying to change the times to reflect us here, but sometimes i get it all mixed up. Or like this one, I have to make the date read yesterday, otherwise it says it will post when the time rolls around. Got it? current time in Taipei June 6, 12:10pm.

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