we have peeps!

Once upon a time there was an unopened package of 6 blue peeps left over from Easter. The mom was about to toss them when she wondered if the 2 little peeps might like them. So for part of their snack they had peeps. All 4 human peeps had marshmallow peeps for snack.

At first they weren't sure about them. After all, when do you come across something blue and squishy that you can eat! But then they realized how yummo the squishy peeps were. Now they live on in the bellies of the human peeps.

However the lone female peep realized these were the same as the regular marshmallows she'd been given before and left her peep with no head. She's done with peeps.

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jkfreitas said...

Have to say I have always hated Peeps! *shudder*
(BUT, I love marshmallows! Go figure. ;-) )