where's the beef?

We went to pick up our beef today from Readfields. We had Karen from www.starhavenfarms.com deliver it to Bryan for slaughter. We decided to pack a picnic but couldn't find a place to sit and eat so we finally pulled over to what seemed to be a place to auction cattle. We heard all kinds of moo sounds during our 30 pitstop. It was funny watching the 2 Littles realize there were cows nearby, even though we couldn't see any. And then a train came by just on the other side of the highway, just for Jace.

what a faker...him, not me! come on babe, where the real smile you had from 2 pictures before this one?

nope, that isn't me up there :o)

If you ever get a chance to stop here, it smells really good. And they have a ton of spices for you to try.
If you find yourself in the market for some grassfed beef, give Karen a holler. You can buy it by the quarter of a cow, so you don't have to buy the whole cow. Nor do you have to figure out whose going to buy the other 3/4. She'll take care of finding the other buyers. And she's really great to work with.

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