it's good

Today we had a doctor's appointment for Jovi and we were able to pick John up from work and take him with us. It was an appointment filled with great news for Jovi and something rather interesting news for Jace thrown in on the side for free. The doctor sent us to have Jovi's lead level tested, something I've not done with any of The Littles; I just didn't think of it. So 2 painful digging sticks later we were out of the lab, stickers firmly in hand. John had already taken the other 3 down to the van.

Afterwards we needed to stop and feed the kids because well, it was after lunch (about 1:30) and because we still had a long drive home. After our food came we sat there swapping bites of this and that, 'here taste this', 'oh this is really good', 'mmm you have to try this'. All 6 of us. I leaned back and looked at the 5 faces that surrounded me. This is what it's about. Everyone was smiling, sharing their food, and enjoying each other's company. Even the little guys were in on the food swap. It made me choke up with tears, with pride. THIS is my family. Not the one I chose, but the one that God chose for me.

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