Happy Birthday to Jace!

Jace turned 3 today. Our first birthday with him. I had trouble getting into the party mood. But I finally got the cake baked, but it is not my best decorating job! The iceing was just too soft. But he didn't care...he loved it! We each gave him a gift...Thomas dvds, Thomas bubble bath, Bob the Builder play set, Cars stoplight nightlight, and a Cars coloring book. I think he was really surprised by the whole thing. We decided to do something that I heard about from another family. The toys you get are yours for the day, but afterwards you share. Basically everyone can play with the Bob set the next day. But it's still yours, you just have to learn to share. We'll see how this goes. Up til now, Adam's stuff was Adam's stuff. And he didn't want Jani's stuff. But now things are different. So we'll see how it goes!


Shannon said...

Great cake! It sounds like he had a wonderful day!

mcnuggts said...

Happy Birthday Jace - we look forward to meeting you very soon!