Getting Started and an Apple

The real truth is that sometimes it's just hard to get your groove going for school. You take off the summer and then you find yourself struggling to get going again. Of course it doesn't help when you adopt because that just something else you need to find your groove in. Can you tell we're struggling for our groove?
Yesterday Adam got to go on a very cool field trip. One of our homeschool groups went to an Apple store. It wasn't the kind of field trip where you just look and learn about things. This was hands on. Each child needed to bring in a disc with pictures or a video that they were trying to edit. We took pictures of our Build A Bear trip in June when we took the boys so they could make their own friend. So Adam was able to have a guy help him and he turned the pictures into a movie. And got a really great Apple tshirt too. Of course now our only problem is that he wants a $2700 Apple computer!

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