Picking Strawberries

We love this farm, we just wish it was closer. It's an almost 2 hour drive from our house. A nice scenic drive, but still, it's a long way. And for strawberries. My brother said "you know they sell those at the store by your house"...yeah, I know, but it's the experience. Kind of like driving to Brenham for Blue Bell ice cream!

We quickly realized a) it was nap time by the time we got there which meant Jovi was c.r.a.n.k.y; b) the boys could not pick them as they would grab them and squeeze the berry as they were trying to get it off; and c) we should have brought scissors, would have made it so much easier.

We did have a nice picnic, well, in theory it was nice. A little cool, a lot windy, and 2 boys that did not want to eat. Bad combination but we muddle through and tada...wound up with an overload of berries.

There were the cutest baby goats to watch while we were eating. The reward for finishing your food was getting to go pet them. I was amazed that none of the kids were afraid. The boys just walked right up and stuck their hand through the fence.

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mamanugget said...

I finally came over to visit. The jam and preserves look delish, Jeri, yummo!