where has the time gone?

So much has been going on the last 2 months. So much. Our blog wasn't one of the things that made the radar though! God has done so much in our lives that it's just amazing. I meant to write it all down with the dates things happened, but I failed. All is not lost though. I can still get many of the details down. Our highlights (while providing me a list to remember):
*sold land that we've owned for 16 years
*got out of debt (except the house, but hey, we have LOTS of equity!)
*celebrated our 19th anniversary
*celebrated Jani turning 5
*celebrated 1 year that we've had Jace & Jovi
*celebrated 4 years that we've had Jani
*made it through the 13th (or 12th or 14th--we've lost count) layoff
*had a job change complete with paycut
*have the ability to work overtime now
*have heard God's direction in our lives and are heeding it
*are formulating a plan of action, just in case God says go
See? we've really been busy!


Smockity Frocks said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog, Jeri. Your place here is ADORABLE! LOVE the little caterpillars!

HisTaiHens said...

LOVE it! Seriously ove the way you guys are moving in your life..following where it leads, more accuratly, where HE leads.
Can't wait to see you and yours and yours to come end up... YAY!