The Surprise Unveiled

Remember the surprise I taunted about on Wednesday (9/30) on Facebook? Well here's the surprise!

Aren't they adorable!?! We have 1 girl (left) and 1 boy (right). He's darker than she is. They were born August 7 and are 8 weeks old today. I have no idea how much they weigh currently but they are almost as big as Lady who is all of about 15lbs, give or take a few. She's still a bit afraid of them and runs away. Athena (our cat) just hisses at them, even when she can only hear them.

We traveled to San Antonio yesterday, the kids didn't know where we were going, only that we were packing lunch. I'm so glad John took off and went with us. Kim definitely wins for living out in the country! You can visit her blog at Life In A Shoe. She and her girls and Perry were very welcoming to us. It was so great to meet Kim in person, Deanna their oldest was very cool :o), and Nadia (did I get that right? she's #4, right) was quite engaging. It was great to talk to them. Very bright young women.

Now we need your help.

We have 2 names for the girl. Kim's family has called her Liberty, a very just name. But our kids have settled on Dixie (Adam) or Daisy (John). I like Dixie, it's very southern, sort of rebellious. :o) But I like Daisy too. It makes me think of daisies, very girly, very sweet. Other names our family thought of were: Princess (Jace), Puppy (Jovi), Sugar (Adam), Flower (Jani), Duchess (my choice, it goes with Duke you know) but I also thought of Bluebonnet and call her Bonnie.

For the boy Kim's family called him Braveheart, a very cool name, right? Coming home we thought we had his brother Duke so we tossed around that name too. I'm not sure how we got on the D's, seems J names would be more fitting. We don't have his name narrowed down at all. Other names we like are: Spider (Jovi), Prince (Jace), Donut (Adam), Bullseye (John), and Jack, Texas, and Duke were my ideas.

So what do you think? Tell me your favorite girl name and favorite boy name from our lists above. And if you think you have a better one, post it. We'll consider it if it's not goofy. So go ahead, leave us a comment with your vote.


Adam said...

Duke and Daisy

wren said...

I LOVE Liberty and Justice ;-) They are adorable by the way. I told Dan and the boys and they are VERY jealous!

"kim ozusky"

Sarah said...

I like Dixie and Duke or Dixie and Jax or Jackson.