New Thinking...exactly what does that mean?

To say my life has been normal the last few years would be so wrong. Nothing about our life is the same as anyone elses. Well, that's not exactly true. We have trials, we have hurt feelings, we have new family additions, but not in the way that other people seem to experience these things. Not that we're special (but come on, you know we are!)...maybe all of the experiences we've had since 2006 have left me feeling like I have no role model to look at. For sure we are having to find our own way in life. Maybe it's also that we tend to choose the path that's least chosen. Not to be stubborn or honery as Don would say, but because it's the path we know we need to take.
Still with me? That said, I've decided 1-no new blog...I deleted it, because we, in fact, the Texas Piglets.  2-I'm just not a huge blogger. I used to be but then I realized that some people used our blog against us so I learned very quickly not to share too much that was personal. 3-I really do want a place that our kids can look over one day and read about what their world was like. Because we all know that memories fade. After all, isn't that one of the reasons people started blogging to begin with? Because it was like a diary?

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