I promise I only called to ask about the wait!

I did check to make sure that our final homestudy draft was received (it was). This was about 2:35pm today. But since I got the director, I also asked if she thought the 6 month wait for referral was still accurate.

She said, "well, hmmm, I think I might have something for you."

Yep, I was thinking please don't tease me. =) My short phone call suddenly turned into almost an hour. They got 8 referrals this week and are in process of matching them to families. 1 girl and 7 boys; 2 of the boys are brothers and they have 1 family that specifically wants 2 brothers.

Their are 2 families ahead of us for a girl in the age range we requested. If the 2 families turn her down, we are next in line (or either I happened to call at the right time) (or else we are the only ones open to a girl this age with sn) so she might be ours.

As for the boys, I think we are the ONLY ones open to this age range of boy (up to 4 years old) and the ONLY ones that are paper ready! It's crazy, completely crazy. We are so excited to know that one of those boys could be our son!

I'm headed to a Beth Moore Bible study/book club meeting tonight. I guess this is how things will be for our family...once again, John will be the first one to see our child.

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