still waiting and other thoughts

I haven't heard anymore from our director, but she emailed in the afternoon last Thursday so maybe there's something still to come. We can make our decision from the files we have but would still like to look at the other 2. At the same time we're just ready to move forward. Period.

I've been working on the house the last 2 days. Took our bed apart yesterday and put the mattresses directly on the floor. It gives us more room too. With 2 more little ones coming I thought it should/would be easier for them to get in and out of our bed. We have a mattress that is super big and even I have to crawl into the bed. It was different sleeping there last night, the bed feels more firm, which seems kind of weird since we still have the box springs underneath. I was set to work in Jani's room today but she's napping now. Thought I'd put her wallpaper border up, you know, the one I've had in her draw for 2 years. =)

After Adam's party on Saturday we went to do a little shopping. Pier 1 Kids is closing so we went to pick up 2 tables and 4 chairs that they were holding for us. We're going to use them for homeschooling and just in general. After P1K, we went to BRU in search of a carseat. We needed 1 for John to use in his truck because Jani's legs are right up against the front seat. We wound up deciding to get 2 just like Jani's van seat so we'll be ready for the 2 new arrivals. I don't think any of them are going to work well in the truck. I remember us putting Adam in the middle so his little legs could go on the armrest in front. But with 2, 3, or 4 you can't do that.

Sunday I put one in the back, then was going to put the other one too. I came to a sad realization. If we do go back for #5, 3 carseats will not fit across the backseat of our van. That means another car. Bum. Our van is holding up pretty well. So we'll have to figure this out. But #5 won't be coming for a while. At least not until the end of next year.

Ho hum, off to work I go.

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