Surprise! Adam is 10 today!

We had planned a birthday party here at the house, but after 2 sets of friends couldn't make it, our minds got busy on what else we could do. After coming up with various ideas with Adam's help, Tuesday night I remember that he has wanted a surprise party for quite a while. We had already told him that we would do something on Monday instead of Saturday. But then my mind went to work.

His day started with a trip to our favorite donut shop that is owned by 2 brothers from Cambodia. We've taken a mutual interest in each other given our Asian interests.

Then after a very sugary breakfast we gave Adam his present. It's been in plain site for a few months but he never questioned what the gigantic box was. Guess that means we have too many boxes around here! Earlier in the year he found some Magnetix that he wanted so we told him it would be part of his birthday present, thus only 1 gift at this point. It's a video chair that you plug your game system in and it has built in speakers that play by your head. I think he's enjoying it. =)
About 10:45 he started trying to eat more of his cinnamon roll and could not figure out why we didn't want him to. Little did he know what was in store for him to eat! We went to La Margaritas, his absolute favorite place to eat. Our family and friends got there at 11:30, we didn't get there until about 11:45. We went in with the pretense of using the restroom and changing a diaper. Boy was he surprised! The rest of the time there was just fun, talking and eating.

At the end of our meal we lit the candles and had cake. One of the cool things is that Margaritas brings out a Mexican hat with fried ice cream with lots of cool whip for the birthday person. They sing to them and then take their picture. Of course their picture came out better because they were right in front of them. And I missed getting shot of the singers. Oh well.
Happy birthday, baby!

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