change of plans...of course

Well, humph, what do you say to that! I went to the after hours after church today. My throat was hurting and it felt like it did earlier this year when I had strep. No strep, but high blood pressure. Higher than it's ever read. So I got sent home with instructions to relax, relax, relax and go see my regular dr. =( Such a bummer as now this means our plans for tomorrow have changed completely and John will be doing the legwork and instead of us driving the papers to the consulate, they'll be FedEx'd. That's ok, though, I'd much rather sit on the couch eating BonBons (not really, I don't like them).

Oh, and we had to get our homestudy changed again. Well not again, just the agency never received the corrected final copy from July. So if by chance you are thinking of adopting 2 at once, then you should not have it specify gender if there's any chance you will accept a differing referral. Does that make sense? Just have it read, 2 children of either sex between 0-4years of age, or whatever age you want.

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