papers are on their way

We received an email tonight that said our papers reached the agency on 10/4 and that they were prepared and sent on to the orphanage. I'm not sure if that means 10/4 or 10/5, but I'm going with 10/4. So now we just wait for notification that certain dates are happening with the courts, and then of course the all important 'pack your bags' email. My guess from this is that it will be early Feb before we travel. Of course I'm hoping it's sooner just because I want them home yesterday. My estimate:
1 month to enter courts (11/4)
2 months to get thru courts (1/4)
1 month to travel (2/4)
If we hit Feb then the planes fill up with people traveling for Chinese New Year. The airfare goes up and so do the hotel rates. On the otherside, I don't want to travel around Christmas either. I picture people stranded at the airports and I don't want that to be us. Maybe we'll get thru everything and travel early December. Yes, that would work out well. No crowds, cheaper flights, hotel, yes, that's what I'll think about..... =)

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