we got new pictures!!!!

Very late last night we received an email, a very special email. We now have 3 new pictures of Jovi along with a height/weight update, and 1 new picture of Jace Levi but no new measurements.

We can honestly say that Jovi looks like a Jovi, but we still can't decide if JL looks like a Jace or a Levi. But we are in agreement that they are some seriously cute boys. We feel so lucky, so incredibly lucky, to be the parents of these 2 beautiful boys. What God was thinking when he chose us we'll never know. We feel so very very blessed. And they have noses just like Jani's, flat in the middle. It makes the perfect kissing spot.


Doreen said...

They are very cute Jeri, what great pictures!

Tisra said...

What cuties- the whole family, even! I hope everything progresses smoothly and quickly for you to be able to bring them home!!!

waiting for referral of our fourth child, a girl, since 04/2007, FFC