today Jace Levi turns 2

Last night we made a cake. Just to eat cake. I know, not the best thing for my hips, but it was actually Jace's birthday. (We still can't decide if we'll call him Jace or Levi, both have great meanings, but we just don't know.) We meant to take a picture for him, but instead we cut into it before remembering the candles.

Now he is in bed. It's midnight there. I hope someone hugged him today. I hope that someone read his photo book to him. I hope that he is loved. I hope that he received our package that had a birthday hat, a horn blower, toys, clothes, and m&ms. I hope that his foster parents told him about us as they put him to bed.

Dear son, I hope today that you were happy. And I hope you know that everyday we think about you. We wonder when will we be able to come and get you. When you will come home. What will you think when you get home. Will your little mind relax like your sister's did? Will you be at peace and rest well? You have grown in our hearts since we first saw you. We can't wait until you can grow in our home. Your home.

Forever yours: Mommy, Daddy, Adam & Jani

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