More new pictures!

After all the bumming over the weekend, we got new pictures of the boys again! Jace actually looks like he's getting a little bit younger. And Jovi is changing so much. I'm so ready to hop on a plane and just go live there near them until we get thru the courts. Of course that can't happen, but...

In other news, we also learned that we are headed back to court in the original city. It will be a few weeks before we learn what judge we have. Hopefully it will be one known for being fast, and one that will declare the adoption final all at once. I don't know if that's possible, but a girl can hope!

Don't they make you just want to eat them up!


The Harts said...

They are absolutely adorable Jeri! Did they give you a travel date yet?

Mo's Mama said...

Hooray for pictures! They keep hope alive. Too cute and growning too quickly. Here's to quick courts!
Hugs, Anita