My first dream about our boys!

and I can't remember it!!! =( But my wonderful friend Sarah remembered a lot of it!

I still can't remember all of the details about it. I'm pretty sure I dreamed it on 2/23 (writing this 3/6) because I think I told John about it on a Sunday on the way to church.
I remember waking up from it smiling and just thinking about their faces.
In the dream I didn't get to go and get them, John had to for some weird reason because I had to work. I couldn't see them when the first got hom but as soon as I could I went to them. The place that I met them wasn't the airport nor the orphanage, but somewhere that I haven't seen before. Than ran up to me like they knew who I was, like they had always known me. No tears just smiles. Jace was teething a lot and his shirt was wet with drool. I remember that. And it seems he was sucking on 2 fingers. I was able to look right into Jovi's face (unlike the 2nd dream!). I remember holding his face in my hands, and squatting down to look at them both. But beyond that I can't remember many of the details.

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