Our first update since July and new pics!

It's the first time we've seen one of our toys too. We got our update and pictures late Friday night (4/4) but they were both done mid January. So it took 2 1/2 mos for them to get translated and sent thru all the social workers to us. I think they probably wonder why we don't send a monthly package, but this is why! It takes so long for them to get it! I still think the pics we got in Dec of them opening their Oct birthday package that we sent in Sept took 2 1/2 mos to get to them. Why? I don't know, but it does.
Our reports were chocked full of all kinds of great info, the best we could have hoped for. Both boys are short and fat (they'll take after me apparently) and will look funny next to their tall thin sister! It said they like all kinds of food, aren't picky eaters. Jovi is being potty trained, but apparently not Jace, which is kind of strange since he's older, but oh well.
Life has been busy around here as always. Our China student is going home early, he leaves on Tuesday. But not before he and our Thai student managed to "win" rabbits at the local festivities over the weekend. So now we have a male and female (rabbits anyone?). I figure we should be due for babies soon too. Don't you?

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Andrea said...

What a beautiful family!
Those boys are perfect. I cannot wait to see the travel pics.
You are one blessed chick!
Thanks for letting me in on the fun!