The judge was HEARING me!!!!

Woohoooooooooooo! Suddenly yesterday I was going stir crazy thinking surely someone would know something. Then last night I got an email that did not make it thru the email system previously. Our director told me that in fact we had our hearing yesterday!!!! So now we just wait and see what happens next. We could get a final hearing very fast or it could still take a while. But our travel window draws nearer!


Nicole said...

CONGRATULATIONS JERI AND FAMILY! I cnat wait till you can squeeze those sweet precious looking little boys! Landon and I are dancing here with ya and he can really shake it. Heres to hoping things move along quickly and you have that call you are waiting for every second of every day, hugs to you!

Tonkin Tribe said...

Congratulations! Yeah, one step closer!!!

Very soon you will have your precious boys!!!

~* Starr *~