it's 10:36pm cst, do you know where I am?

I'm in LAX sitting at a place called Daily Grill because they had comfy seats. We paid $26 for 2 giant sandwiches, only ate 1/2 of them, and are just hanging out in our little booth. John's watching a movie on his ipod while I catch up on email and well, post. =) See, told you I would do better about posting. We've even recorded a few things on our camera, tho I must warn you, the pictures are not flattering.

EVA doesn't open until 9:30pm, 4 hours after we landed. Ugh. But we'll get checked in and then be off into the other part of the terminal.

So far we're doing good with our dinner and not losing any of it. My head is pretty congested, I can barely breathe thru my nose. I'm defnitely looking forward to getting on the plane and falling asleep. John is staying awake.

I'm trying to upload a little video we took at the airport, but it's taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r. So I'm not sure I'm doing it right. If you've put a video on your blog, would email me and tell me how. I don't think this is working, and for the record, I'm trying to add it like you would a picture. Is that the wrong way? It's maybe 1minute and it says it's 31mb. Ouch. So there must be a way to make it smaller, right? Ok, I quit, I don't have that much patience right now. maybe later.


Jaclyn said...

hey Jeri,
I hope when you read this you are in Taiwan. Pretty amazing isn't it? No need to pinch yourself, you are really there. Try the stinky tofu, We didn't last time and then heard it was worth trying....LOL..Have fun. Can't wait to see you with your boys.

Jennifer said...

Hi John and Jeri,
Are you feeling better ? I'm thinking about you constantly ! Can't wait to see pictures !!!

Sarah k said...

Ok, so I was WAY wrong on time frame...lol. I was hoping you would say that you were in Taipei!!!! I will check again tomorrow. I am SURE you HAVE to be there then! right??????
Ok, have a good flight and I can't wait to hear your initial thoughts on our beloved Formosa!