it's 1:14am, do you know where your bags are now?

They are all packed, waiting in the bedroom, waiting on morning, or rather 1:15pm to get loaded into the van to take the 1 hour drive to the airport.Wow, I just realized that's 12 hours from now! The bills are NOT done, I'll have to work on those tomorrow. That's minor compared to the packing part. Now off to bed we go. Looking forward to better sleep and feeling better tomorrow.
zai jian...

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Sarah k said...

WOOHOO!!!!! WE ARE OFF! Ok, so right now you are flying, flying, flying. It is after 12am in Taiwan and you should be about half way there. Landing at night there??? You are watching the plane go over the miniaturized map in front of you you the seat back and you are contemplating your first meeting. I hope the bats are calm in your stomach and that you are enjoying your flight! I can't way to hear about your trip. So, in all reality, your bags hon. ARE HOPEFULLY in the belly of a HUGE plane, waiting to be unloaded safely in Taipei!!!!!!