Adam turns 11

Today Adam turned 11. Wow, 11. Which means I've been a mom for almost 12 years. The time really does fly. It was a very full day as we planned to go bowling, then to eat at his favorite Mexican restaurant, La Margaritas, then home for cake. Only we had a slight detour.

We did go bowl, our 2 lanes were reserved for 10am and we got there in great time. 2 of his friends made it to his party, but it was a good group. The 3 boys bowled in 1 lane, and John and Jani bowled in the other lane. They mgmt turned the lights down and made the disco kind of lights come on. John and Jani bowled with their bumpers up, and after about 3 rounds the boys asked for the bumpers to be raised on their lane also. At that point they had only hit a few pins. About 5 minutes til 11, Jani chose to get her ball from the the place they come up. Only when she went to step up on the platform she missed it! She fell on top of the ball and on her left hand, the hand she uses. She cried but could move it, and we didn't realize she fell on her hand. I took her to the potty and saw her thumb in better light. Oh man! It was swollen and completely blue, withing 5 minutes! I got her some ice and bowling ended and off we went to minor emergency.

I never will understand why they make people wait so long. But they did have an xray machine only now we know not to get xrays done there because they make you wait 2 days for results! She in fact had fractured her left thumb, the little bone on the very tip. I have pictures of her pretty blue cast (that she got on Thursday 6/26) on my phone but don't know how to get them off.

We finally got to go eat lunch about 130 and we were all starved. Mixed fajitas and queso for everyone! Mmmm And they bring you fried ice cream for your birthday and put the Mexican hat on you. That's the pictures you see.

Oh and we had planned on having it here at our house, with a Lego theme. And even Lego fruit snacks. But I forgot to pass them out since I just wanted to get Jani to a doctor. But can you see my awful Lego cake? Cool idea, just bad frosting job!


Jeanie said...

ok now it all makes since I was trying to figure out why she had a blue cast on in the 4th of july pic LOL. Sounds like a busy crazy day. Jeanie

jkfreitas said...

I missed this one somehow...

Happy (belated) 11th birthday, Adam!! :-)