New Experiences

at Build A Bear making their very first stuffed friends

jumping all over Daddy on the trampoline

riding the toys on the driveway

The Man! protecting the neck from sunburn

We've been home a week now and we are getting a routine down. The kids wake up around 8am, we feed them a bottle, then breakfast about 30 minutes later, then a snack around 10:30 or 11am, then lunch around noon, then the little kids take a nap and the adults catch up on dishes or a nap if we're lucky. The kids wake up around 1:30-2pm, then we play inside some more, feed them an afternoon snack then dinner around 6pm. Around 6:30pm we can go outside and swimming might be in the plan if it cools down some outside. Around 7pm some shade is created by the house or the sun is down far enough to go outside. We set up a small pool on the driveway and let the kids play in the water. We also had watermelon the other day which was a nice treat. The trampoline has been a fun place to play also. Father's day arrived swiftly. At home I got an electric adjustable wrench that automatically adjusts to the size you need. It will be super handy the next time I move the dog pen and its 15 panels in the heat! At church they gave all the Fathers half pints of blue bell ice cream with a spoon.



Jeanie said...

I love the pic. What a cute family. Its so nice to see the boys smiling well everyone smiling for that matter. I hope Jani is dong good with not being the baby anymore :). so cute thanks for sharing the pic I love them. Jeanie

jkfreitas said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing all the pics! :-) Glad to hear that you are already getting a routine in place. That's wonderful. :-) Kristen

Andrea said...

It looks like everyone is doing good. That's fantastic you are getting a schedule down, that definitely helps.
I love the pictures!

Joyce said...

Priceless pics of all of you.
I sure hope things are settling in for you guys with heart broken big guy. So happy for you Jeri.
They are all precious all 4....

Precious Wonders & Little Monkeys said...

Look at all those happy campers! Ha ha! So fun! That looks like a great day. Glad to hear things are going well. =0) Sara

Mo's Mama said...

So glad you're home and that everyone is adjusting. I know we live miles -- states -- apart, but man did I miss you while you were gone! Praise God... It's been a long time coming. :)

Sarah k said...

I love the new pictures!!! Summer fun!!! Looks like life is blending well!!!!