a day of wonder

I woke us all up just before 10am. Yep, I only let everyone sleep 5 hours. No time like the present to get our bodies adjusted. We didn't do much for the day. Sorted laundry, washed (man, were our clothes stinky from Taiwan!!) and put them away. We went to Walmart to get some bottles for the boys. Even though Jace said to the hotel staff he doesn't take a bottle, I think he might. We had them in the stroller for the Walmart trip and Adam gave them thrill rides the entire time. We also decided to color code the bottles and sippy cups, think it might make life a tad bit easier. Maybe.
I really don't remember much of Saturday. Jace whined a lot, mostly about not getting to eat what he wanted when he wanted. Oh yeah, when we woke up, no Jace in the bedroom. At some point he brought himself downstairs and wondered around doing who knows what. Scary! So our trip also scored us one of those door knob thingies where you have to squeeze it in order to turn the door handle. Very exciting stuff around here I know.
I'm not finding it overwhelming with 4 kids. Maybe having our exchange students here prepared me some. But it isn't a big deal to have 4. Not yet anyway. The laundry so far isn't cumbersome. So far. The dishes, not so bad, though Adam didn't do them the entire time we were gone so that was something to gag our way thru! Blech!
At least we had no planes to catch and no appointments today!

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Jeanie said...

wow sounds like your getting things under control. I can't wait to see a pic with the whole family on here. I can't imagine how crazy it would have been on the plane I have a hard enough time with just Denver :).