Our World For a Week

A nice fairly trick scooter.

Tien Mu Underground Parking Pay Station near Welcome Market.

Fang's Restaurant - great food and a few english speaking servers.

Corner of Tien Mu Road looking down toward Fang's.

Cold Stone Creamery - $15 for 5 small scoops of ice cream, the going rate in Taiwan.

Taipei American School.

Looking down the street, 1 block left of the Welcome Market.

A corner Cycle Repair Shop - my dream job? On Tien Mu Road.

Across street from our Hotel.

A nice place like McD's. Cold AC, sweet tea, and shrimp.

Our Hotel. Nice people there.

Maison Alexandre - a bake shop and deli with specialty foods.
The family that owns it has 8 siblings. Four sisters runs the store.
The two sisters that work in the late afternoon-evening were nice.

150 feet to the right of the Welcome Market.

The Welcome Market.


Sarah k said...

WOAH! Flooding with memories here! I have been in some of those places!!! LOL.. I remember the sunflower well! Wow! Thank you for the trip down memory lane! The bike shop was a nice touch!!!!

Precious Wonders & Little Monkeys said...

Okay, now you made me hungry for pastries! I so have to go to that bakery... I'm so going to get lost too because I'll be staring off looking at something and then it's all over. Better bring a GPS ankle bracelet.