finally, a picture!

Thanks to Laura for sending this and Sally for taking it. Funny, it went from Taiwan to Utah to Taiwan just so I could post it so (most) people in the US could see it.
In order L-R: Crystal (our CY caseworker), Director Debbie, me, Jovi, Jace, John, and wonderful Sally.
It's um, I think, egads, it's 12:30 and we have an AIT appt in the morning! Ok, let me hurry.
We woke up this morning purposing to have a calm day, taking things as they came, but making sure we did something.
Anyway, back to breakfast. Jovi snarfed down about 5 bowls of congee this morning. Jace ate about 3, and he also ate their sweet bread. I chopped some egg into Jovi's but Jace refused to eat anymore when I put egg in his.
When we got back to our room, we did a few things, called the kids, and then decided to take a walk looking for the bookstore Sarah told me about. It was up a few steps so we completely missed it because we had the stroller. We walked a long way, maybe a mile? before stopping. Did I mention it had been drizzling since yesterday. Well guess what, we got drenched. All of a sudden the skies just opened and down came the rain.
We tried taking shelter, I tried just plowing thru (hey, we were all wet anyway) but John decided that we needed a taxi. We came in, recouped, then hailed a taxi and went to the handicraft market. I must say that we aren't doing too well feeding the boys. We seem to keep stopping for lunch about 2pm and everything closes from 2-5. Actually the truth is, we're having a hard time getting them to eat. I keep waiting for one of them to have a blow out because neither has gone poop (yes, I just said that) since we've had them. Which could make for a miserable child. But if you don't take in, you can't put out. =)
We spent a long time in the Handicraft Market and we got some royal treatment. I've had the boys dressed alike 2x I think but even without that people ask if they are twins. Sitting down they do look almost the same size, there is just inches between them. We have them in a double stroller, makes life a bit easier and for the most part they are very content to sit. Well after we carried it from the 1st floor down to the basement, they insisted we used the elevator. Ok. But getting there meant going thru their work area that didn't normally see people and they had to move several things for us. And then the stroller was about 1" too wide. I popped the boys out, and then the guy helping us figured just turn the stroller sideways. Duh. We had a great time looking thru the store.
We caught a cab back and got the cab driver to stop and find us some rice and chicken for the boys. Jovi ate what he could, but with hardly no teeth, he really can't chew. And Jace went into meltdown and ate only a few bites. We decided everyone needed a nap.
About 6pm we headed back out and went to Subber, again on Sarah's recommendation. Very good. Jovi ate what he could but Jace screamed and hollered that he only wanted chips and would have none of the bread, turkey or cheese. Um,yeah, not. No food, no chips. We did manage to get him to eat 2 bites with this method. He's a smart kid. 2nd bite he popped some bread in his mouth and when I started to give him his chip he promptly spit it out so I took the chip back. Boy did that make him mad.
We found the New Life bookstore and the key shop with the chops but didn't get one made. We headed back to the hotel, passed it, and went to investigate the Crocs store. They're real, and expensive. The cheapest ones (kids) were $33, and all the rest were $42! I told her thanks but no thanks, we get them for $20 at the outlet near us. Walking a couple of more stores down we found fake ones made in Taiwan that were just as soft as the Crocs and they were only $13, so we bought 4 pair. Since my shoes got wet today and I failed to bring another pair this is a very welcome thing.
From there we just walked on, rounded the corner by the Haagen Daaz store (did I spell that right, I don't eat it) and then turned another block to go home. Only we found this foot massage place. Oh yeah baby. I've been waiting on this for a long time! One of the guys helped John carry the stroller full o' boys up the stairs and in we went. The staff was amazingly nice giving the boys crackers to eat and just talking with them and keeping them busy. One lady brought over their bird in a cage. Jace asked why it didn't fly and the lady massaging my feet told him it was because the bird was sleeping. He said the bird needed to wake up and she said no. So he took his shoe off and threw it at the cage!!! Then he was trying to get his other one off. What a stinker! Then when the lady was finishing my foot she was standing bending over me leg and he slapped her on the butt!!! I thought I was going to die! Oh, and the whole time in there he said he was hungry. I'm sure he was but he didn't want what we had.
By this time it was almost 9, and we were all tired. Back to the room for baths and first time hair washing which didn't go so smoothly. And then everyone in bed. And now it's really late and I'm the only one still up and I'm about to fall over!!
Ok, so question. The social workers said the boys both took bottles 4-5x/day, but we've only managed to get Jovi to drink one and that was this afternoon. Other than that they don't seem to want them at all. Do you think maybe they just said they took bottles but really don't? Or don't take one often? Just wondering.
And now my eyes ar closing and I'm falling over.
Til next time...Jeri


Sarah said...

Oops!! I forgot about the steps up! I'm so sorry!!!!

Glad you liked Subber, though!

Colby is 16 mos and has ALL of his baby teeth, but Dawson is 15.5 mos and has only 7 total - so I doubt he's going to make up the remainder in 2.5 mos. I think it really varies from kid to kid. My friend was just saying that she knows someone who's kid had NO teeth until 19 mos... so I think you're still okay. Not optimal, but at least he isn't the picky eater....

Glad to hear that you're all doing a bit better, though. I hope Jace starts to settle in soon.

Jennifer said...

Emily had no teeth when we met her in China at 9 mos. old. Then, after a couple of mos. (can't rememeber off the top of my head), they ALL came in at once. I had never heard of that happening. Our dentist said that you see that with malnutrition. The teeth start to come in as they get more nourishment, vitamins, etc.

I really laughed at the story of the shoe and the bird and the slap.

You have your work cut out for you !! The potato chip story was funny too !!!

Love you guys !!!

Jaclyn said...

I love the picture. Finally the boys are with you. You guys are so brave, I can only imagine having to watch the boys grieve.
I hear it is raining alot there right now. I'm afraid it will rain the whole time we are there. Oh well

Kaye said...

So great to see this picture! It sounds like Jace is having some major grief he's going through. It also sounds like you guys are handling it well. Time will help heal the hurt. Rick and I are praying that God will give you the strength to be patient and also give you the energy you need to take care of these two beautiful boys. Hopefully, you all start feeling better, soon!!

HisTaiHens said...

Thank you so much for sharing what it is really like- we will walk down this path, hopefully in a few months, thank you for embracing this and letting us learn from you, I'm memorizing that scripture verse now...
Our two boys will be coming from foster homes also...

Andrea said...

About the bottles - Miranda took one four times a day (they said) but she never finished a single one with us. She just didn't seem interested. I think they leave kids on bottles for a long time when they would be much more interested (usually) in eating real food.
As for teeth, at 15 months she had all but two.

Hope everything is going better today!