finalizing our adoption

What a long day it was! (I'm posting this days later.) We finally got out the door to head to San Antonio. Many families go there because of the great attorney and because she doesn't charge an arm and a leg!

When we stopped at a Jack In The Box for lunch, I opened the door and Jace smiled so big, just before he jumped. Luckily my arms weren't full and I caught him. Can you imagine going to court and the kids all bloody and scraped. What do you tell the judge? "He jumped." We were in and out of there quickly as we were running about 30min behind schedule. Of course it didn't help any that Mapquest took us to the opposite side of the block that we needed to be on. And no one mentioned that all the roads in front of the court house were in shambles. Do you follow? Not across the street but on the other side of the square. Thankfully we remembered what it looked like. But not before I turned into the ugly wife that every husband dreds. Lets just say I did not behave well, leave it at that, and move on. (Honey, I love you sooo much for not pushing me out of the van and leaving me to sit and cool off!)

To make the story funny, because nothing in our life happens easily right?, you need to know what I told John on the 2 hour drive. I told him I had a dream last night, and in that dream we got to the courthouse, met up with the attorney, and she said "why are you here? I never received your papers? You're not on the docket for today. I assumed you weren't ready to do this because I didn't get your papers." I had actually called her before we left the house, but didn't have her cell #, so I left a message on her office phone. I also left her a message during our not so fun search for the courthouse.

Now the unbelievable part: We head for the elevator inside, another couple going up too with 5 kids, 2 from Africa possibly? and we're all headed to the 3rd floor to see the same attorney. Off the elevator and there's the attorney. She identifies the family, then looks at us, and I say our name, and she says "I have you scheduled for tomorrow." My head whipped around to look at John. OH MY WORD! It's my dream in reality!!!! I said "no, you told us to come today cause we were going to Fiesta Texas tomorrow." Then she remembered. But sadly, our file was on her desk in her office. She went to get a paper for us to sign and said it would all be ok because she would bring our file up tomorrow and the judge agreed to sign everything then. EEEEEK! (She did call on Monday to verify the spelling of names and said it was all taken care of.)

After court we headed to Fiesta Texas. I was really not looking forward to going because all of the temps in central Texas had been sitting at about 100*, give or take a few degrees. And Fiesta is built into the pit of an old rock quarry, so there is really no breeze there. In their parking lot there is because it's sort of up hill, but not in the actual park. 30 minutes inside the gate we were changing diapers, everyone else to the bathroom, putting sunscreen on, and heat was already getting to everyone. I noticed long ago that Jani's face turns immediately red when it's hot. Well, so do the boys. I think we got there about 2pm and we stayed until about 6:30. Since both boys look like they are going to be short, sadly Jovi was not tall enough to ride much. But Jace could ride several things. He also still has a tendency to just walk away from us so it will be a long time before he gets freedom to walk. He can't possibly understand the danger that would put him in. Despite the heat, I think the kids had fun. And can anyone explain to me with a real explanation why amusement parks in the south don't stay open year round? Even if they were open from 5-10pm. I mean really. This past February we had a week of 90*, and often it's still warm here in Oct. Sometimes we even wear shorts at Christmas. So why can't parks be open when the weather isn't 100*? Anyone?

After we loaded up went to Bennigan's for dinner. San Antonio has sweet tea. Mmmmm. We had a great meal with lots of leftovers. I had the foresight to bring pjs and night time diapers with us and wiped all the kids down and changed them one by one. If they were stinky it wasn't too stinky. =) And of course they all fell asleep on the way home, but not Adam. He's my night owl. What a long day, eventful for sure, not always the nicest we could be, but we're a family none the less. The judge decreed it.


Andrea said...

Congratulations on become official! I'm glad things worked out :)

Kristen said...

Taking 4 kids to Six Flags- three of them little ones?! You are braver than I, except I only have two ;-). That's awesome though to create those memories. :-)

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

AH HA!!!! CONGRATULATIONS on such a big day!!!! OH my you have some sheer will... going to the parks that hot! WOOHOO! =0) Sara