and the rain came

A couple of weeks ago we got some really good rain, a few days in a row. (I'm posting this on 9/6)Jace is afraid of several things, rain clouds being one of them we discovered. Why? we have no idea. But it is what it is. So we went outside and waited on the rain. It took about 45 min to go the little distance from where we could see it falling about a mile or 2 away, to actually getting to us. But once it came Adam and Jani whooped it up. They've always loved playing in the rain. Hopefully one day Jace and Jovi will too.

praying for the rain to actually get them wet

woohoo, it finally got us!

see the ground? it's coming down harder

now it's just really raining hard, so hard and so cold that we go in.

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