1st haircuts

I decided that today was the today. I only decided it this morning though. I was going to surprise John...or hate myself for thinking I could take 4 kids to get haircuts and 2 of them I had no idea how they were going to do. I figured I knew them well enough to know they would sit still. And they did. We lucked out that the stylist was easy going and there was no one else in the place. She was really great with them, and patient with me as I snapped pictures. I had them sit on the floor while Jani got a bang trim.

The boys were quite interested in seeing what was happening to Jani and they sat pretty still. Mesmerized even. It was a good plan, because I forgot that Jace doesn't really like to get wet. I questioned my decision but decided to persevere. And for once we didn't need a traditional cut because their hair is straight; Adam's is curly. He gets more cut off.

Jace sat pretty still, I think a little fearful, and watched me pick hair off of the apron to put in a baggie for the traditional "first haircut" clippings. I know it isn't technically their first, but it's our first as mother and son. There was also the great bowl of dumdums on the counter that I promised they could choose from for behaving well during the cut. So there was something to look forward to for sure. Because since realizing how much candy they had both been given prior to being our sons, we've not handed out candy at all. I think they've had maybe 5 m&ms. Anyway, he did great and was very happy to have earned his sucker. He chose a blue one, I think it was cotton candy or maybe blueberry.

Then it was time for Mr. Cuteomous to take the chair. His hair is very thin...we're hoping it gets thicker at some point. He moved his head a lot and I wound up having to hold his head still. He wasn't to hip on the buzzer (need to get one of those little tools) but did fine. When his hair would fall off he would say "hhhuh" like when you take in your breath in surprise. He's so funny. His chosen sucker was pink and strawberry. This picture is the 2nd one as she started buzzing, I missed the first one which was even cuter and more wrinkled.

So with a little hairspray and mousse or gel, this is what their hair does:

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Kristen said...

So cute! I love the haircuts, and I'm glad they did good during the cutting. :-) That thin hair looks so nice and easy to deal with, and cool in the summer. ;-)