we're following the leader

The kids were outside playing. We have some unusually cool weather for the next few days. And by cool I mean in the low 80s. I realized I could no longer here them on the other side of the wall and went to see what was going on. I found this:

They were playing, and Adam was singing, follow the leader. It was really cute. And then they saw the camera and The Littles broke formation. Stinkers that they are. So then I tried to capture video, that never works, right?

And then it was off to the playscape a few mintues later. The boys are learning to slide, not something they do very well. I think Jace my be afraid some because he puts one leg up in a crook against the side wall of the slide. Hard to explain. But we finally got him to slide without doing that. This playscape has a big slide on the other side. That's the one Jace liked to go down. Jovi would slide down and instead of turning to the right where the ladder was, he would run allllll the way around and then climb up the slide.

And they remembered the see-saw/teeter totter. Doesn't that sound like a tater tot? And how did we ever come to call it a see-saw? Hmm, maybe one minut you "see" your person and then next minute you say you "saw" them? You know this wonderful ride most likely started out with a scrap of wood plank or a limb over a fallen tree.

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Jennifer said...

I love the video of the kids !!!
Jennifer :o)