Do You SEE This?

TaDa!!!! Look what Jen from The Art of Living (http://www.theartoflivingdesigns.blogspot.com/) did with our blog!!!! I chose the simplest of kits with the cutest animals/bugs. It was a totally different direction from I started out in the beginning. If you want a blogover, visit Jen at http://www.theartoflivingdesigns.blogspot.com/; she's currently taking new customers. She is incredibly great to work with, she's been so kind. I'm a detail finatic (bad trait sometimes) and she's worked with me. I can't tell you what a pleasant experience this has been. She rocks!! It's like she crawled into my head and found the cuteness that I was trying to verbally relay. I told her I wanted deep rich colors, cute things, because as a family we're pretty playful. And this so fits our family. I can't recommend her enough. I truly can't. Jen, I can't wait to come back to you for updates!


Kristen said...

This is awesome! Love the new look!

One thing- the print is a bit light to read on the blue. Is there any way to make the script print darker black? Maybe it's just me-- I hightlighted the post to be able to read it.

This is very cute though, and I think it fits your family very well! :-)

Andrea said...

The blog looks fantastic. This is so cute :)

Congratulations on three months home too. It does fly by!