small minded weird people with big issues

You know, it was a well thought out decision to take our blog public. We knew we could become fodder for people gossiping (which according to the Bible is a sin). We knew that some people would roll their eyes because we are Christians, or because we homeschool, or even because we are an international family. And we knew that people from our pasts would be curious about our lives and feel the need to come and see what was going on.

Interesting, that last one. We make for good reading material but not good material for friendship, right? Yeah, I'm talking about you. You know who you are.

I guess there are some people that will decide that the only way they can homeschool is to live it vicariously through others. That there will always be a reason why they can't homeschool despite them saying that it's what they really want to do.
Or maybe it's adoption, that they wish they could adopt again or a first time. But there's always a reason why they can't do that either. So instead they live vicariously through others.

Whatever. It isn't flattering, it's snoopy, it's nosey, it's weird. Especially when you don't want to be friends because we're just too different, or because according to you we just don't have much in common. I guess I should be flattered, because it looks like I have my very own stalker!

My friends that know the situation think it's weird too. Maybe I should just call you out flat? Nah, I'm not that type of person. This is as vocal as I'll be about it. I'm not one that continues to bother people when they say we can't be friends. I chose to move on with my life, you're not in it, so you need to move on. You were rude, despite "being nice".

A girl needs girlfriends she can truly count on, that will be there when the going gets tough, and when she's standing on the top of a mountain singing her heart out. You weren't that girlfriend. I'm sorry for your loss. Because I think I'm pretty cool, a great girlfriend, and a great email buddy. And my family is pretty cool, too. Sorry you're missing out, but you really do need to move on.


Andrea said...

I am sorry this is still going on :(

I've never met you in person but if I ever get myself and my family to your area - watch out. I'm going to come and visit your beautiful family :)

There are plenty of us I am sure who are visiting your blog (which looks fabulous!) for the right reason.

Jennifer said...

You said that so well !!!!

I know you won't let people like get get you down....you are an awesome woman and mom !!!