he loves me!

Sometimes life gets us down. Like when you're ready to move, but maybe it isn't the right time. Or the place you want to move to (in our case Virginia) might not be the right place. Something hasn't come together, that's all we know for sure. John sent me this HeartLight image this morning. Why? Because now I'm not so gung ho (is that a Chinese word?) about going on our trip to VA. The plan was to go and look around the towns, to see what "fits" us. But now that we're likely not going this year or next year, it just a big let down to me to spend John's precious vacation time there. BUT, John said last night, that doesn't mean we can't still scope things out. Because the truth is we don't know what the future holds for us. Only God knows our future. And as long as we're all together it doesn't really matter where we are right? Home is where you are right now. He also said just because we planted 60 trees does not mean we're meant to stay right here. God moves mountains. He could move trees too, right? Not really, but He does say that his plan for our future are full of prosperity and hope. I can hang with that. Besides, I really want us to stay in Texas until we complete our family thru adoption.


Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

~ Oh my...life can bring such huge decisions huh?! I with ya... what does the future bring?! I can't help but send blessings of great wisdom, foresight, flexiblity and a great sense of humor to roll with life's punches! Big hug! Sofa

Cindy said...

Hey there...I want you to move to Virginia, too!!! But perhaps God is saying now right now. . .maybe someday! I still hope we can get together during your trip in November. I completely understand your disappointment. We thought God was leading us to new jobs across the country a few years ago, and when that door closed, I was soooo disappointed (it's taken almost six years for me to understand God's plan in that, and even then, I still have questions.) God does have a plan - we just have to trust and obey.


The Robison Family said...

Wow, I've been there. We have tried to move to CO so many times. We are here right now and think of it even know. Each time we try, it doesn't work out. It was never God's Plan at the time! I know you will enjoy your vacation even if you aren't house hunting! : )