a great new blog!

From Kim at Life In A Shoe, she has posted about Ang at Eclectic Culture Farm. Ang is having a giveaway, but that's not why I'm excited to tell you about her blog. She cans! And picks apples, and uses a pressure canner, something I've never heard of. I think it will be a long time before our 4 apple trees produce fruit, but it's exciting to have found a place doing what I want to do. And apparently she makes her own laundry soap. I need to go read more on her site. I hope you enjoy it! And stop by Kim's site too. She's a fellow Texan in San Antonio who also homeschools. So many cool people out there in the great beyond!

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Katy said...

Hey Jeri-
I love this blog you recemmended! I even posted about it! Plus, I tagged you on my blog :-) Share the love.