where's your $$?

Interesting article that my brother sent me, right on the heels of us discussing this today. We made the move yesterday to stop some of the "bleeding" as John and the 401K guy said. But our Edward Jones guy thinks differently. He thinks we should leave all of our money where it is because the market will come back up. I don't agree with that so we're having my IRA shifted to safe funds/investments, basically something like a savings account. We've lost $40,000 since March. That's a lot of money to the average Joe and Jane. We're average. I don't want to see our money dwindle to $2000 and then have nothing to rebuild from. I don't care if that $2000 gets us 6,000,000 shares in company X, if X goes bankrupt then we're toast. So I'm curious...what are your gurus telling you? Cause I think one of ours is nuts. I'd love to see what his portfolio looks like!

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