day 2 Virginia trip 2008

On our way out of Texas we were able to stop and see John's sister's family. She was at work but her hubby and daughter were home. Carolyn and Carolyn finally met. Both girls are named after John's mom. Jani is 7 months older than Carolyn.

We didn't do much more than drive drive drive today. We made it as far as Chattanooga, TN. It was late; we were tired.

We've also learned that the boys aren't the best travelers. Adam and Jani did pretty well at their ages. We have them across the back row, all on 1 bench. Jovi has hit, pinched, and squeezed the arms and bodies and faces of Jani and Jace. He's turned 2 and into a little bully! Jace couldn't leave his headphones alone so we wound up zip tyeing them to the hook above him. And the whole way since we've left we get to hear "mommy, mommy, mommy". I always thought it would be music to my ears...not so much though. Jovi says it no less than 100 times a day at home. I think traveling in the van he pushes that # up to around 300.

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