day 1 Virginia trip 2008...on our way

We have a great picture to start off our trip with...

We had to fill up the big van before we left and we were so glad to see that gas was still the same price as the night before. When we originally made plans to go to Virginia, gas was about $2.50 and still climbing. We fully expected to pay about $4 gallon all the way there and back. Also we had heard about the supposed gas shortage in TN and were wanting to make sure we avoided that area. And also not really sure how traveling IH10 would be since Ike and any other big bad storm had hit the gulf. We were glad to say that gas was not more than $2.24 the entire time, but mostly it was about $2/gal.

It was about noon before we really got on our way. We stopped and got some of our favorite pecans along the way. Chocolate covered are my favorite. John thought cinnamon was his, but now I think he's hooked on the honey glazed. We also tried the jalepeno ones....not so good...though initially they were tasty.

Part of the reason that we've considered moving has to do with air quality here in Texas. I must say that until a friend made me more informed I never imagine all the junk that TX politicians allow to be dumped into our air. And we live in the allergy capital...John, me and Adam have taken allergy shots for 4 years now. Things aren't much better, if at all. All of us had nose bleeds this summer, but the 3 little kids had them most often. Not what I ever expected. My bff in the DFW area sent me a picture of the smog on the horizon in her area. And for the first time in my life, as we drove into Houston, we saw it. I think I actually gasped. There was a green-yellowish cloud that hovered ever so slightly above the area. Having grown up in the Beaumont area I was used to the smell. After a while you don't smell it. But now you know that's really bad and it's there. Nasty.

I was able to get us a hotel room for free. See, last year we were in Beaumont and the non smoking hotel floor had lots of nasty cigarette smoke. I mentioned it before we left, but wrote an email when we got home. The manager emailed me back and offered a free night's stay next time we were there. Bingo. Free room.

Instead of arriving at my aunt and uncle's about 1pm, it was about 6pm. We did well packing food for the trip so we were able to whip out lunch meat and make sandwiches at their house. The kids loved playing with them. Jani remembered them from last year. My Aunt Peggy is great. She kept me when I was little and it made my heart smile to see Jani on her lap again as I imagined myself years ago. Uncle Gerald was not to be outdone. We couldn't believe how high he lifted Jani while she riding pony on his leg. He's about to be 70 years old! The boys had a great time playing and getting to know them too. They are just a bit wild though and make me nervous in houses with pretties.

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