day 7 Virginia trip 2008

The kids got along and the parents got along. It's just how you hope a meeting like this will happen. And man can her husband cook a great breakfast! Yummo!

The kids got dirty in that lovely red clay dirt stuff. =) And they also had a zip line that Adam loved (he now wants to put one on our stairway!) and surprisingly Jani loved it too. Even the little guys tried. Jace screamed with delight but Jovi was scared and let go. I think they only have it about 5 feet off the ground.I was pleasantly surprised to see that the trees in South Carolina are just as beautiful as the ones in Virginia. Though I think VA had more trees. I think. But look at these colors. This is what we want to see!!!
Again it was about 2:30 before we said our goodbyes and got back on the road. And then it seemed like we had no sooner left Greenville then someone had to pee. And John needed coffee. For anyone needing an easy coffee fix, Jefferson GA has a Starbucks right on I85! That was the easiest on/off we've come across yet. The other thing we've found is that when you stop with 6 people, each of those stops is no less than 15 minutes, usually about 30. Especially if the parents are having to take turns to use the facilities!

I think we drove until 3am landing in Bossier City (another cousin lives here) and we crashed. Oh, we've also learned that most hotels don't care how many children you have in your room, they just need to know for statistics. Or maybe I should say better, they didn't care that we had 3 small children. I imagine if they had been teens it would have mattered.

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