day 8 virginia trip 2008...we're home

John woke up at some ungodly hour like 6:30am and said let's go. I think he lost his mind on that drive. But then we got a wake up call at 7:20 for some unknown reason. And then the clock alarm went off at 8am. We took it as a sign that we needed to go and off we went. Well, we took advantage of their breakfast, then off we went.

During the long drive of the night we left the mountains, we left the hills, we left the forests, we left the huge groves of trees surrounding the highway. We're in east Texas, there are still some trees. And as we near Dallas it gets flatter, the air gets dirtier, and the trees are the same short oaks with few leaves like we have at home. You can really see the difference. Without a doubt, the eastern US is more beautiful than most of Texas. It makes this trip sadder.

We got home about 4pm and unloaded. Good to be home, but sadly we wish home was green and filled with trees. Tomorrow I go to the doctor.

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