Happy Thanksgiving!

Today people across the United States celebrate Thanksgiving. Some do it just because it's the normal thing to do. Some celebrate it because they were invited somewhere to celebrate Thanksgiving. Some celebrate because they are thankful for their freedom, their family, their job, or a million other reasons.

Our family celebrates Thanksgiving because 1-it's an American tradition, 2-we're thankful for each other and our kids, 3-our health, because we learned on Monday that my pain is NOT cancer!!!, 4-we have freedom still, though we feel the ground rumbling beneath our feet, and 5-we have faith in Jesus Christ, that He alone will see us through whatever might come our way.

That all said, this was the boys first Thansgiving. I'm sure they could smell everything cooking from Wednesday and all morning long. And boy did they eat! I had the island almost all cleaned off and wound up putting the last small baskets of stuff on a shelf. We proceeded to lay out our spread buffet style:
turkey (which was probably the most moist turkey ever!)
Stove Top stuffing (cause I don't like it and therefore am not making it from scratch)
gravy (from a jar because it tastes great!)
green bean casserole (with parmesan cheese sprinkled in)
sweet potato casserole (find the recipe on my Frazzled Food blog)
cream corn (FF blog, but sadly as it was warming up, the bottom burned slightly)
cranberry sauce from 2 cans, jellied and whole berry (next time we're making from scratch)
deviled eggs
rolls and bread, made fresh but not from scratch
3 pumpkin pies (2 go to work with John)
1 apple pie
1 pecan pie
and we can't forget the sweet tea!

When the boys got their plates their little eyes just about glazed over! And off they went eating. Of course they could not finish it all so they ate the rest for dinner. Jovi was so tired (we didn't eat until about 1:45) and wound up going to bed about 15 minutes into the meal. We learned that even though they both love green beans, they do not like green bean casserole.

And when all was said and done, we were pleasantly full. It was a pretty relaxing day. John got to look at all the Black Friday ads while I cooked (he helped too), I looked at them after dinner. We both knew we weren't getting out into the crowds. Just don't think it's worth getting anywhere at 5am! And we played 3 games of Phase 10 with Adam. Yep, a good day for everyone.

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Sarah k said...

YUMMIE POST!!!! I love it!!! It all looks so good Jeri!! And I am sure the boys loved it!!! Nothing says American like our wonderful traditions and celebrations and of course all the good food!!! Happy belated Thanksgiving and "LET FREEDOM RING in thankful ears everyday and not just this day!"
I love the pictures in the side bar.. too cute!!!!

Sarah k