Thanksgiving Eve

In Texas we have weird weather. Currently we are 69*, earlier today we were 75. Not exactly Thanksgiving weather in my opinion. I'd like it to be cool enough to at least wear a sweater. Instead, it's hot. My house is hot. The oven has been on since about 1pm. It's now 5:08pm. I've accomplished:
1 thawed ready to eat pecan pie
1 baked from the baked apple pie
3 pumpkin scratch pies are in the oven, though I did buy their crusts already made.
14 eggs are boiled for deviled eggs
2 bread loaves are rising to be baked in about 5 hours
1 gallon of fresh tea is chilling

I was thinking about frozen pizza for dinner, but the oven is a bit preoccupied. Because next the sweet potatoes are going in for a yummy casserole. mmmm I also need to get the creamed corn going. My goal is for tomorrow to only have to bake the roles, the turkey, heat the gravy, make the Stove Top (because I detest stuffing/dressing...ick!), and just heat everything and put it on the island. I want to easily be ready to go.

Last year we baked the turkey on Wednesday and made everything else on Thursday. The turkey wound up dry. Not going to let that happen this time! That was my first dry turkey.

I also learned something about evaporated milk. Anyone that knows me well, knows that I cannot google, I can't search the internet well at all. I mean really, who stinks at Google? I was to the point of adding the EM to my pumpkin pies when I realized the expiration date was April 2007. I checked to see if I needed it before going to the store on Sunday, but I never thought it had been on the shelf for probably 2 years! So I wondered if it was like some other things where you can still use it after the exp date. The answer is, if you live in Texas, most likely know. I finally succombed and went to the store to get more. Thought I would do a side by side comparison...the cans I had at home were the color of caramel but very watery looking. I couldn't find a picture that showed the color it should be. So I opened a new can and poured it into my mixture and discovered it is milk just a beige color. My cans went down the sink, and then the chunks appeared. Eeewww! However, I did find enough info on Google to see that people that have basements and store food there and its cold, they had some 3 years old and it was still good. So, I think where you live plays a big part in how long you can keep something.

Off to the kitchen. Need to get the deviled eggs finished and chilling. And the pumpkin pie timer just went off too.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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