Vote, Vote, Vote

Elections of a different sort are on my mind. I entered the littles in a photo contest. So here is your rare chance to see them. You can VOTE 1X A DAY!!! The winner is announced next Monday. 2 different categories, 1 for 0-2, one for 2-4. They will win cute little Leap Frog animals to help continue learning English words, so go vote!!!

http://www.thebabycorner.com/baby-photo-contest/ Vote for Jovi here, he's Cowboy Cutie, a picture of him in his cowboy hat he got for his birthday. He turned 2 in October and loved getting a birthday cake.

http://www.thebabycorner.com/toddler-photo-contest/ Vote for Jani or Jace here. Jani is Wild Laughter and Jace is Precious Pumpkin. Jani's pool picture is from June, shortly after getting home with the boys. Jace's picture is from our pumpkin patch picture.

So you'll vote 2 times, 1 in the baby category where Jovi is, and 1 in the toddler category where Jani and Jace are. And you'll vote EVERYDAY until voting ends next Monday. So 7X you're going to vote for them, right?

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