Happy Birthday John!

Today was John's birthday. It's his normal workday but he was still off because we were supposed to be on vacation. Instead of baking a cake he got cinnamon rolls with only one candle. mmm After we had all eaten the gift procession began.

First up was flowers from Jani. Adam insisted Dad didn't want flowers but of course Mom knew better. Flowers from his baby girl would be most welcomed.

Next was a gift from Adam and also the boys. Things John needed/wanted, but good gifts. A new razor since his previous one that had belonged to his dad was now passed on to my brother since he lost it somewhere (it was later found under the seat of his car). And also a new pair of cushy wooly slippers to keep his feet warm and cold days and nights.

And what did the good wife get him? Why of course a Starbucks card, loaded with only $10 (hey, the rest of the stash was pricey!)
But then he got probably the gift that made his day. His best friend from childhood (that he had been trying to locate almost all of our 19 years together) called. Unbelievable that he called..today of all days. I'm so happy for him. His face shows it.
We ended the day by falling asleep on the couch. cuddled up. snuggled up. What a great way to see the afternoon through.

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